To a new beginning

I think I was five or six when my dad handed me a camera for the first time. It was an Agfa bellows 120mm format camera with the lens generously coated with fungus which gave the photos a dreamy fuzzy look. Back then, it was one of my prized possessions. While most kids go to bed with a soft toy, I would go to bed with that camera. Since then, photography has been my constant love and i've been taking pictures regularly for the past 28 years.

Lately though I found myself losing passion for the medium. Static images started to feel restrictive, as if it was muffling my expression. That's when I started to think of imagery in collaboration with music, movement and time.

I ditched my trust Canon 5D and got a very basic Nikon D3300 and headed to Hauz Khas Village to shoot some footage. It took me an entire day to make a 3 minute video. I struggled to create relationships between shapes and colours across time and let's not even get started with softwares. Photoshop and Illustrator seems like child's play when compared to After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro. But as the software finished rendering the video I hit the space bar to view the result. I felt a familiar electric excitement, just like I used to 28 years back.

I know the final result is extremely amateurish and janky but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?