Hyperlapse Madness with the Yi 4k action camera

With my Vietnam trip coming up, I had gone *this* close to buying a GoPro Hero 5 but resisted the urge to hit the buy button. Good that I did because I recently heard about this pretty nifty 'GoPro killer' called the Xiaomi Yi 4k action camera which does everything a GoPro Hero 5 does and then some more.

The first time I heard about the camera, I rolled my eyes and though 'sure! yet another self proclaimed GoPro killer' but then I started watching YouTube videos and test footages which blew my mind. So I shut youtube, logged onto Amazon and placed an order for the Yi 4k action camera which arrived the next day.

Since then I've been carrying the tiny camera everywhere and here are two hyperlapse videos I made with the new toy. 

*watch in at least 720p*